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 More than just the origin of art works...

I am an art historian and provenance researcher, specialising in cultural objects disappropriated during Germany’s Nazi and GDR/Soviet-occupation eras. Based in Berlin, as art expert, I provide expert provenance research services to museums, galleries and private art  collection all over the world. 

Investigating history - that is my task! With the help of provenance research, works of art can not only be historically contextualised, but also the circumstances of acquisition and legal titles on the international art trade/market can be clarified. Provenance research also makes it possible to minimise risks when buying, selling and/or lending. Furthermore, it also offers the possibility of increasing the investment value when selling your works of art. Appropriate insurance enables collectors and lovers of cultural property to better protect their works of art. 

My network of provenance researchers and experts

The research projects I work on are supported by my network of experts or scholars. In order to be able to process your orders in the best possible way, I also see myself as an interface between my clients and the experts for special or specific concerns. 
I deliver results with the utmost attention to detail and a range of guidance options to best suit your needs.

Advice on communicating research results 

I am happy to offer you my expertise as a press officer for international cultural organisations and many years of experience in dealing with members of the press.  Of course, if you wish, I can prepare the scientific research results for external communication and provide you with advice.

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Provenance Research Services

  • Scholarly analysis of the provenance and whereabouts of artworks and cultural assets disappropriated as part of Nazi prosecution and state control

  • Scholarly analysis of the provenance and whereabouts of artworks and cultural assets disappropriated as part of GD/ Soviet occupation era

  • Expert examination of new acquisitions and existing collections

  • Briefings of historical and art historical background 

  • In-depth archival and database research

  • Liaison with research institutions, academics and experts of art history

  • Compilation of provenance dossiers

- Each provenance report contains the following information:

-Comprehensive ownership, literary and exhibition histories.

-Primary documents relating to the history of the artwork

-Art market research and analysis

-A concluding recommendation

  • Sensitivity consultancy for problematic and controversial artworks

  • Presentation of findings for external communication

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Numerous experiences as a provenance researcher for museums and other public institutions as well as private individuals have shaped my path so far in this extremely exciting and important field of research for me.

Art history and provenance research academic formation

I hold a Master of Art History (Provenance Research) from Freie Universität Berlin and a Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück.
Following submission of my Master’s thesis on the GDR art trade, I have provided provenance analysis services to public institutions, corporate collections and private individuals. 


Provenance research on Nazi looted art & SBZ/DDR confiscation contexts

My expertise lies in the provenance of artworks and cultural assets (from vintage cars to handicrafts) that were seized or looted, in particular during the eras of Nazi rule (1933-1945) and GDR/Soviet occupation (1949-1990).
A varied professional and academic path has led me to this exciting and important field of research.

Networking with colleagues and exchanging information about the latest developments and progress is very important to me and an essential part of successful research. I am therefore an active member of the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. - a working group of over 300 scholars from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States of America. I am also a member of the Association of German Art Historians

International communication skills

My academic expertise is complemented by more than a decade in arts management and communication. As a Senior Project Manager I produced conferences for senior arts professionals in major cities around the world, and as a Press Officer I managed international campaigns for Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale, to name a few.
I speak fluent German, English and French.


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Image by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral



Janine Kersten

Hobrechtstr. 31

12047 Berlin

Tel. +49 176 240 829 60

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